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August, 2010

The condo is starting to take shape; the first house has been completed and occupied, the second one is almost ready and by the end of this year, the construction of two more houses is expected to begin.
Our location has its own 2.2 km long, medium voltage power lines that provide single and three phase electricity to the entire Punta Farallon complex. Also, the underground cores are set up and the power, water and sewer connections for each lot are ready.
In the coming months we will begin to build the main septic tank, which will collect the sewage from all over the condo to be treated and pumped to the irrigation tanks for common green areas.

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Punta Farallón Tourist and Residential Complex

The area is registered under the name of  Promotora Turística El Ñuro S.A.C , electronic entry Nº 11028001 of the Public Registries of Sullana. It is a 93,924.47m2 piece of land with a 1000 meter ocean front of the Pacific Ocean. The legalization of the ownership titles of other adjacent pieces of land is currently being processed which would add up to a total of 132,000m2 including an area of approximately 50,000m2 located on the north-east end of the land, which has been sold to a group of investors who have already started the construction of an exclusive condominium with 26 houses and a first class lodge.


Punta Farallón Tourist and Residential Complex offers lots of between 400 and 800 m2 for private houses. Besides a tennis court, it also will have a "Boats House" for the exclusive use of residents, where they can store their nautical equipment close to the access road to the beach.
All the lots have ocean view and direct private access to the beach, and are part of a well planed condo that occupies an area of 28,121m2 (61% independent lots for private houses and 39% roads, facilities, green areas, etc). Each lot has a beautiful view of the Punta Farallon which protects the sand cove and has natural pools (ponds) in the rocks that are perfect to bathe at seashore; to the north the view is even better: you can see from the mysterious El Encato hill in Los Organos beach, to the Mancora point.
Next to the condo, we have a special 18,750 m2 area reserved for the construction of a hotel and/or fishing club, with all the required facilities for fishing and other nautical sports. This area is the jewel of El Ñuro with a privileged location in front a pyramidal rock point well-known among scuba divers, surfers and more recently also by kitesurfers. The view is really spectacular; a perfect place for an investor interested in building a hotel or beach club specialized in nautical activities.

For the design and implementation of this project the following studies have been carried out to date: Soil Mechanics (60 soil pits), Hydrological, Geological and Environmental Impact.


In the same way, the Universidad del Pacífico has created a business plan for the developing of the project: “Cabo Blanco Sportfishing Experience" (spanish only). .

Likewise land removal works for the track of internal pathways of the condominium, layout of the lots and access to the hotel area and the beach, have been finished. At this moment the surrounding stone and pine-wood fence is being completed and will finally have a length of approximately 800 meters. Also it is already finished all underground home connections for energy, water, sewage and irrigation of green common areas.

Please see our Condominium Rules and Regulations (spanish only).